10 Self Study Hacks For SSC CGL Exam!

Aspirants eagerly wait for the notification of SSC CGL exam, the most sought after examinations by the Staff Selection Commission. The competition for the CGL exam is never easy as lakhs of candidates appear for the exam. Candidates do believe that SSC CGL is a hard nut to crack as it requires unique strategies and preparation plans which is only possible only if they get themselves enrolled for some coaching or expert mentoring. 

These are all myths, it is not necessary to join any coaching or institution to crack SSC CGL exam. Preparation for the Combined Graduate Level Exam does require a lot of effort and hard work but it can be a smooth ride with the Self Study Hacks for SSC CGL discussed in this article. 

5 Hacks to do Self Study For SSC CGL 

Candidates who are willing to prepare for CGL examination by doing self-study can easily ace the race of SSC CGL by following these self-study hacks.

  1. Acquaintances with the exams – to start with the preparation of any examination it is important to know all the details about it. Candidates who aspire to write the CGL exam must keep up to date with each and every detail of the exams such as the posts, vacancy, eligibility, salary, important dates, conducting body, regional offices, etc. Know the ins and outs of the Combined Graduate Level Exam on the linked page. 
  2. Syllabus and Exam Pattern Be on Tips – It is obvious and important to know the detailed syllabus and the latest exam pattern of the examination you are willing to appear. Knowledge of exam patterns and syllabus gives a broad idea to start with the preparation and subjects you need to tackle first.
  3. Devise a Preparation Plan – For effective preparation, it is necessary to have a set schedule and follow it religiously. A preparation plan should be such in which you can give equal time to prepare all the subjects as well as be left with some time to relax and recollect. Remember, studying in every one or two hours with 5 to 10 mins brakes will always help to retain things longer than a six-hours marathon study. Hence, replace your strenuous study sessions into short sessions.
  4. Study smart so that you don’t have to study hard –  Always start with difficult subjects first because when you start preparation for something new you are full of zeal and your mind is fresh. This will help you understand things faster. Keep the easy subjects to be covered later or at the time when you are dull and lazy.  Remember, spending hours of study and not paying attention is a fool’s errand.
  5. Do away the distractions – Alertness of mind is what matters the most when you want to memorize something well. It is important to keep away from all sorts of distraction when you sit for study. Choose a place that is quiet and calm so that you can listen to your voice only and not anybody else’s.
  6. Small Breaks are necessary – to help your mind, body and soul relax after a hectic study hour it is important to take 10 mins break otherwise nothing that you read will be stored in your memory. Remember, a relaxed brain functions efficiently and retains things faster. So efter every 1 and half hours do take a small break for coffee or simply sit close your eyes. 
  7. Avoid clubbing similar subjects one after another – Set your study schedule as such that no difficult subjects or easy subjects are lined up one after another. For example, studying reasoning after quantitative aptitude will not be a good strategy. You can definitely put General Awareness or english after studying reasoning so that it is light on your brain and you are able to memorize more. 
  8. Prepare Short Notes – While studying it is necessary that you keep jotting down important points that you think are important to revise before the exam. This should specially be followed for shortcut tricks and formulas for reasoning and maths and also for general awareness and english as well, because it is impossible to go through each and every chapter for revision at the last moment. 
  9. Online Help – Candidates preparing for CGL exam on their own must check for online help in case they face any issue or want any query to be solved. They will get alot of free material online to prepare such as previous year question papers which are the best source to prepare for any exam. Solving Past year question papers will help them understand the type of questions and the variety asked. Also, they will be able to clarify the information on topics they might be reading incorrect. 
  10. Revision and Practice –  Revision is most relevant to recollect all that is learnt. It is important to have a separate time to revise the full course. Along with revision. Practice also cannot be avoided as the actual performance or preparation level is known when you practice and revise. Solve free online mock tests to practice, learn the mistakes done and work on accordingly to improve.

Lastly, do not stress too much, if you want good fetch marks in the final result of SSC CGL give your best and leave no stone unturned in the preparation. Candidates can check SSC CGL Result of previous years for reference. 

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