7 Myths Related To Travel Insurance Plan Busted

People often ignore the smallest things in life that makes their life more difficult. Let’s take the matter of travel insurance. Most of us easily neglect the necessity of travel insurance largely because of the myths surrounding it. It must be kept in mind that whenever we head towards another city or country, inevitably we are exposed to multiple risks. Travel insurance is a getaway to stay safe financially if anything happens during your traveling. It is specifically advised when a person is traveling abroad. It is a way to make yourself stress-free while you are enjoying your vacation or concentrating on a presentation during an office trip. So, here we have picked 7 myths regarding travel insurance which may give you a clear idea about travel insurance. 

1. The airline will cover for a delayed or canceled flight

If you are someone who thinks that the airline is generous to cover for your flights when it’s delayed, then you must know that it will not happen. When a flight is delayed, the additional expenses are charged from the passengers not only for food, toiletries and much more. Don’t underestimate the excess cost you have to bear. It can go really high. With a Travel Insurance Plan, these kinds of situations will never put a hole in your pocket

2. I don’t need travel insurance if I have health insurance 

It is true that there are some health insurance plans which also cover travel insurance.  But this insurance will never take the responsibility of a canceled flight or expenses if you have an emergency back your home and you need to return on an urgent basis. No doubt, having a health insurance policy is a good move. But it doesn’t always bear the cost outside India. Overseas treatment is often denied against health insurance plans. So, don’t stay in dilemma and opt for a travel insurance plan.

3. Only risky destinations require travel insurance

If you think that you will put all the risks behind during an adventurous travel experience just because of your travel insurance than you were wrong the entire time. If you are someone who wants to do Paragliding in Bit Billing or river rafting in Rishikesh, your travel insurance doesn’t assure you for your security. Always check the risky factor before you travel. Travel insurance is more than covering some adventurous sports. If you fall sick in Ladakh due to high altitude or if you lose your checked-in baggage, travel insurance will rescue you in these situations. There is some insurance which covers the adventures as well.

4. Travel insurance will cover if anything goes wrong

If you are more like a care-free traveler and rely a lot on the travel insurance, thinking that the travel insurance will take care of everything on your behalf, then you are wrong.  Travel insurance is definitely there to rescue you in odd or unforeseen circumstances. But if you travel to risky zones, despite an alert that has been issued or if you just wake up late and miss your flight, the travel insurance doesn’t cover for your loss. So, next time, travel responsibly. 

5. I should plan a separate travel insurance policy for every individual of the family for every trip

It is a well-spread myth related to travel insurance. It can get really costly if you buy individual plans to cover each member of your family traveling along with you. If you like to travel with your family or you are already a regular traveler with family, then opt for an annual plan instead of individual ones. It will reduce the cost. Plus, it will secure your family during a trip. So, you can have a hustle free travel experience. 

6.EHIC Card covers for all European travel

Are you planning a trip to Europe? Roam around the picturesque alleys of Italy or have a romantic boat ride in Venice; your European Health Insurance card will definitely come handy. But, not always! The EHIC card definitely allows one to bear health expenses in Europe at a relatively low cost. There are some free medical treatment facilities as well. But that’s not all. The EHIC card doesn’t bear any repatriation back to the UK and it doesn’t work with cancellations as well. So definitely it’s not a substitute for the travel insurance plan. 

7. As we get farther from home, the travel insurance cost will increase 

It is not always true. The cost of travel insurance also depends on the region you are traveling to. In most the cases it depends on the information regarding the person whose traveling is being insured. Age, medical condition or travel experience, these types of factors work as the main component in deciding the insurance cost. As an obvious fact, if you travel to India, the travel insurance cost will be much smaller than a trip abroad. 

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