Damiana Benefits, Uses, Dosage and Warnings

Nature is beautiful! You can tell this by only looking at some unique herbs which men have used since the ancient ages.

If you look at Ginkgo Biloba, the herb has got plenty of benefits in Asthmatic conditions as well as it boosts male libido.

Natural herbs and plants are immensely beneficial to human health and sometimes it goes from lucky to dangerous.

You cannot chew Digitalis Purpura ( a cardiac glycoside) and expect your blood pressure gets low because that’s now how it works.

This is it; recent scientific inventions have brought us very much closer to the right effect of many herbs which we didn’t use to know about.

Damiana is one of the remarkable male enhancement herbs which have shown some remarkable results, both in supplement form and pre-clinical trials.

Let’s see what it is and how this herb works in men especially.

So What’s Damiana?

Damiana is basically a Mexican indigenous plant which has been used for different purposes.

Damiana can be used for culinary purposes and the main reason for having it is that it contains some remarkable sex boosting constituents.

The herb was acknowledged as aphrodisiac centuries ago, hence the name Tunera Aphrodisiaca was given to it.


When seen from a molecular level, these are the main constituents found in Damiana extract.

  • Damianin
  • Tetraphyllin B
  • Gonzalitosin
  • Arbutin; triclosan-2-one
  • β-sitosterol
  • 1,8-cineole
  • Tannins
  • Thymol
  • Hexacosanol

From anxiolytic to elevating mood are some of the notable effects of constituents mentioned above.

 Damiana Benefits For Male Enhancement

Sexual benefits of Damiana is the reason why this herb has become familiar to many individuals, some people are seeking Damiana supplements for which we must say “Don’t” unless you find out the right one with the original quality of herb in it.

The preference is in raw form which delivers the most pronounced and visible benefits in a short time period.

Let’s discuss the male enhancement effects/benefits of Damiana.

1. Improve Libido

Libido is basically a sex drive of an individual without which neither of us could even think about sexual intercourse.

It is like a form of energy that stimulates the sexual senses which allows you to start foreplay.

The aphrodisiac property of Damiana flower is above the graph and it is effective for men and women.

If you think you are becoming physically weak and feels very less sexual impulses, taking a little bit of Damiana can elevate your libido which actually worked by release some sort of hormones.

Mexican national institute of psychiatry supported the fact that Damiana can actually impact on men’s libido to a greater extent.

2. Erectile Dysfunction
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Treat Erectile Dysfunction

An inability to attain an erection in men is called Erectile Dysfunction.

A large group of men today is suffering from this horrendous condition which has led many men to suicidal thinking and depression.

The purpose of taking Damiana is to improve blood supply to the penile region, which is somehow blocked and cannot get the penis erect.

Upon maximum blood supply chances of attaining an erection will be easier than before.

Also, the issue of premature ejaculation will be fixed once you get a stronger and hard stand-up.

3. Impotence

When a male is impotent, his sperm doesn’t have the capability to fertilize the egg inside women’s uterus.

This condition is also known as male infertility which is caused by an unhealthy diet and lifestyle.

Ingredients of Damiana extract improve the process of spermatogenesis which directly doubles the production of sperm.

Not just the quantity but their quality is extremely enhanced that surely will make you happy if you’re married.

4. Increase Sexual Pleasure
Improve Sexual Performance
Boost sexual pleasure

Sex feels empty and useless when you cannot feel it, in fact, the amount of sexual pleasure defines if the next time you’re gonna get it again.

Damiana increases the sexual pleasure in women more than it does in males, which means it improves vaginal lubrication and makes her feel like she’s at somewhere else.

Whereas in men, due to the enhanced sperm cells you will feel remarkable changes in experiencing sexual pleasure.

Taking Damiana for sexual purposes can make you live a whole new level of experience.

Is There Any Real Damiana Supplement?

Indeed there are many Damiana supplements available online these days, but the problem is, it’s not just the extract of Damiana you will find in there.

The supplement manufacturer puts a lot of excipients and additives which diminish the real effect of any basic ingredients.

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I’ll tell you why

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First of all, products like VigRX Plus come once in a while which adds only natural ingredients in their formula.

Another reason is that besides Damiana you will find more than 4 libido boosting herbs which will suit your sex drive.

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Final Verdict

When we Google the benefits of Damiana for male enhancement, there were plenty of options.

Choosing the right Damiana supplement is a little bit risky because in case of a scam you might experience the negative situations.

As in the side effects which ranges from palpitation to epigastric pain.

This is where VigRX Plus comes first in the row when it’s about choosing the best Damiana supplement available online.