Healthy Sex life – Effects and Benefits

A good and Healthy sex life ; It’s special effects on psychological & physical health.

We can’t deny that modern life standards are very demanding and kept us busy for longer duration, leaving behind quite little time to be spent with our loved ones.

Regular family dinners, play time and family interactions have become lesser.

This all can affect individual’s psychology.

As everybody want to be loved and share the space with their loved ones.

The drastic affects of these routines often fall over marriages. As it is the relation whole soul based on two people being with each other through every thick and thin.

These are emotional needs in a marriage.

Whereas, we can’t neglect the physical needs an adult possess if not satisfied or fulfilled time to time might end up making you or your partner frustrated.

The importance of sexual needs can be understand by this that number of divorce happens just because of this single reason, in other cases resulted in cheating partners.

Having a healthy sex life helps you in tackle daily routine and its effects are even visible on your personality and behavior.

Sex has very pleasant effects on every living being. It is liked, desired and supported by people of every race and countries.

Human beings are in so much favor of healthy orgasms that there are non protests ever reported for sex free life (at last! A thing whole world agreed on).

 The craving for intimacy and love is a natural behavior.

How Sex Affects Your Brain

During and after intimacy period brain is stimulated to produce many chemicals resulting in after sex lightening up.

Sex Effects on Brain

These mainly include few chemicals which are:

1. Endorphins:

Endorphins are hormones released after physical activity, also secreted after sex makes you feel content.

Endorphins are responsible for initiating happiness, according to Elle Woods in legally blonde”Endorphins makes you happy and happy women don’t just stab their husbands”. Endorphins are also produce after physical exercises outcome as a refresh feeling.

2. Dopamine:

It is a neurotransmitter which kicks on the reward and pleasure center of brain.

It is associated with the feeling of receiving gift. It’s the same reaction happens when taken any form of addicting drugs.

3. Oxytocin:

This is another neurotransmitter releases after sex completion encouraging the trust and bonding between the partners, as it is involve in emotional regulation of individuals.

Its higher levels cause great relaxation experiences. It also produces in women during lactation period.

Effects of Healthy Sex Routine on Psychology

Here some effects of good sex on psychology are listed below

1. Stress reliever:

Sex Is a stress relieving activity many studies have shown that just after being physical with your partner you will feel calmer and relaxed not only then, it’s relaxing effects prolonged for many hours.

The reason behind this is sex lowers down your blood pressure and cools you down.

2. A sound sleep:

After a period of good orgasms individuals are also benefited by a free gift of good sleep.

The happy hormones, feelings of reward, trust and strong bonding along with a lowered blood pressure makes your way easier to a good sound sleep.

Sex also helps pregnant women for sleep as sleeping in those days is a bit uneasy.

3. Good self esteem:

An enough input of sex in one’s life also shows on their personality.

Healthy orgasms make you feel fit, strong and at ease with your life, which over all enhances your self esteem too.

4. Builds stronger relations:

A big round of applause for oxytocin, by help of which after every intimacy period your relation with your partner becomes stronger.

It’s also required for a healthy social interaction.

As mentioned above its involve in emotional regulation and bonding, effecting all of your public dealings.

Effects of Healthy Sex Routine on Body

Healthy sex routine

Sex also has numerous physical effects which involves following:

1. Younger looks:

There are studies showing that people involves in sexual interactions actively looks significantly younger than their actual ages.

The hormone estrogen which releases after sex is thought to be the reason of it.

2. Analgesic effects:

Studies have shown that sex can relieve pain. In the study people with headaches after sex feels lesser pain.

It also eases menstrual and premenstrual cramps in women.

3. Immunity enhancer:

In studies it is proven that people who have more sex have higher number of fluid antibodies in their saliva then the people who had sex occasionally.

It doesn’t make you STD proof, you still have to follow the precautions and regular hygiene.

4. Make women bladder more in control:

As aged women often suffer issues with their bladder, sex induces the contractions in those muscles and makes them stronger.

A frequent sex is also recommend in end days of pregnancy, which will also make mother’s pelvis muscle stronger and increases chances for a healthy normal delivery.

5. Reduces heart issues:

During sexual activity heart rates are higher, this good pumping makes heart walls and arteries around it stronger and reducing the threats off heart diseases.

Sex also regulates the youth hormones within the body makes body free of many old age associated diseases.

6. A good exercise:

The calories burn during a single physical interaction are said to be equal to 45 minutes of walking.

During orgasm heart rate is increased in addition to number of abdominal muscles are involved fastening the calorie burn. This makes orgasm a healthy exercise too.

7. Libido enhancer:

The good interval of orgasms enhances the blood flow in the genitals, which revitalize the organs and make their functioning better.

The individuals end up with craved up for more next time which eliminates the libido issues.

8. Treatment for women:

Women are more prone to aging then men.

As they enter 40’s they might start having issues like:

  • Dry vagina.
  • Less elasticity in organs.
  • Endometriosis.
  • Infertility.

A good healthy sex life is medically said to be a cure for many of these issues.

That’s all folks, above described benefits are enough to add sex in your routine things.

It’s a solution for many problems and most importantly a stress reliever (might save the psycho therapist’s bills).

In case some men are facing any hurdles in joining this routine, they can use virility enhancers like; Vigrx plus a libido enhancer, testosterones booster as well as fight sexual dysfunctions.