How to Help Your Employees Get Back to Regular Work Schedule

Since the start of the quarantine, several employees have to stay home. It was a problem at first, but many people got used to the setup. Employees love the idea that they don’t have to wake up early and go to work. They can work anytime they want you to a flexible schedule. At the same time, those who live alone belt the adverse effects of the quarantine. Being in isolation for a while was a huge challenge. If you intend to reopen your business soon, you should consider these people. Going back to the regular schedule might be challenging for them. These tips will help you deal with the adjustment phase.

Don’t be too strict with time

If employees have to start working in the office, you should be more lenient with time. Don’t force them to go to work early or penalize them for being late. You should understand that most of them are still trying to adjust to their new schedule. Others are parents who have to home school their children. They need to find a babysitter while they’re still at work since their children couldn’t go to school. 

Extend the deadline 

If you were more flexible in giving deadlines during the quarantine period, there’s no reason for you to be straight now. As long as these employees are responsible for doing their job, you can allow them to submit later than usual. 

Make everyone feel special

The employees are the backbone of your business. Without them, you wouldn’t survive the harsh effects of the pandemic. Since they have to get back to the office now, you can consider them as part of our Frontline workers. Let them know that you value their services. It’s not enough to send them a thank you letter or welcoming them on the first day of work. You can also reward them by offering a higher salary or increasing health insurance coverage. 

Plan some fun activities 

Corporate events also got canceled in the past month since employees couldn’t gather in mass. If things get better soon, these activities could be back on the calendar. Make sure that you start planning now so that it’s easy to conduct these activities again in the future. You can consider hosting a fairground stall hire since it’s an activity that everyone with love. It can also involve family members which makes the event even more special. As long as you follow these guidelines in regards to this type of activity, you have nothing to worry about.

You might be busy catching up because you were dormant in the past several months. Despite your busy schedule, you should still take the time to talk to your employees. Let them know their value, and you’re always available if they need someone to talk to. Some of them might be going through a more difficult time, and listening to them would be of huge help. 

It would help if you took the time to help the employees, and they will return the favor by working harder. 

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