How to Learn & Improve English from Marathi – Ways and Tips

How to Learn & Improve English from Marathi – Ways and Tips

Learn & Improve English from Marathi. English is a global language, and yet, many people don’t learn it as a second language. Why? There are a few reasons, but one of the biggest is that it’s difficult to learn.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Among the official languages of Western India, Marathi is spoken mostly in Maharashtra. Similar to Hindi, it belongs to the Indo-European language family.

About 83 million people throughout the world can communicate effectively in Marathi (as of 2011). The widespread usage of the English language makes learning Marathi a great option for anyone interested in expanding their linguistic horizons.

This blog post is dedicated to providing you with information that will aid in the development of your command of the English language. From pronunciation guides to grammar lessons, read on to learn everything you need to get started.

4 Ways and Tips to Learn English from Marathi

Here are 4 ways and tips to help!

Start with Basic Words and Phrases

Since English is a language with a lot of rules, it is essential to begin by learning the fundamentals of the language. This involves learning how to pronounce fundamental words and picking up basic rules of grammar.

You will make significant progress toward becoming fluent in English once you begin to comprehend the grammar and pronunciation of these words.

To get you started, here are some fundamental words and phrases in English that you can pick up from the Marathi language:

  • Hello (informal): नमस्कार
  • Goodbye (informal): निरोप
  • Thank you (formal): धन्यवाद 

Use Online Resources

There is an abundance of material available online that may facilitate your transition from Marathi to English.

You may locate websites that can help you improve your pronunciation by providing you with vocabulary lists, grammar courses, and audio recordings to practice with.

Take Online Classes

One of the most convenient methods to learn English from Marathi is to enroll in English from Marathi language courses. You can begin by enrolling in a Marathi course online.

Numerous courses are available that cover a wide range of subjects and levels, so you may select one that best meets your requirements. You will also get the chance to communicate with other students and professors, which will help you develop your language abilities.

All of these courses provide a variety of lessons to help you enhance your language abilities. Video lectures, exercises, interactive quizzes, and flashcards are some of the resources used in these courses.

Find a Marathi-English Speaking Companion

Finding a group or someone competent in both languages might be an excellent approach to learning spoken English in Marathi. This is because you will have someone to practice with and coach you along the way. 

You may also ask them questions about the language and culture to better comprehend it.

The Benefits of Learning Marathi

There are many benefits to learning Marathi, whether you are a native English speaker or not. Marathi is one of the 22 scheduled languages of India and is the official language of the state of Maharashtra. It is also one of the two official languages of Mumbai, along with Hindi. As a result, there are over 68 million speakers of Marathi worldwide.

Marathi is part of the Indo-Aryan branch of the Indo-European language family and is thus related to languages such as Hindi, Bengali, and Punjabi. As a result, it is relatively easy for English speakers to learn Marathi. In addition, Marathi has a rich literary tradition dating back centuries.

Some of the benefits of learning Marathi include:

  • Improved job prospects: Many multinational companies have operations in India and knowing Marathi will give you an edge over other candidates when applying for jobs.
  • Improved communication with family and friends: If you have family or friends who live in Maharashtra or speak Marathi fluently, learning the language will allow you to communicate with them more easily.
  • A deeper understanding of Indian culture: By learning Marathi, you will gain a better understanding of Indian culture and traditions. Maharashtra is home to some of India’s most iconic landmarks such as the Gateway of India and the Taj Mahal Palace hotel, so there is much to explore!

Tips for Learning Marathi

Whether you are a student, a working professional, or a homemaker, learning Marathi can be beneficial for you. It can help you connect with your roots and understand the culture and tradition of Maharashtra better. Marathi is also one of the official languages of India and is spoken by over 73 million people.

Here are some tips that can help you learn Marathi:

  1. Start with the basics – Learn the alphabet, numbers, and simple phrases first. This will give you a strong foundation to build upon.
  2. Listen to Marathi speakers – Try to listen to Marathi speakers as much as possible. This will help you get used to the pronunciation and intonation of the language.
  3. Practice speaking Marathi – Don’t be afraid to practice speaking Marathi with native speakers or other learners. The more you practice, the better you will become at speaking the language fluently.
  4. Watch Marathi movies and TV shows – Watching Marathi movies and TV shows is a great way to pick up new vocabulary and get exposed to the language in a natural way.
  5. Read Marathi newspapers and books – Reading material in Marathi will also help improve your understanding of the language grammar and sentence structure.


You can learn Marathi onlineby signing up for accredited online courses. also offers a great user interface that makes navigating the site easy. The lessons are well-organized and easy to follow, so you will be able to learn new words and phrases quickly and easily.

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