How to Make a Girl Squirt

Some great techniques to save your Respect and give her the best time!

how to make a girl squirt

Woman squirting has always been a hot topic in men’s health. About how to make a woman squirt perfectly and efficiently, questions like these are being asked by thousands of keen lover every day.

A woman ejaculating fluid sometimes appears to be like a pee which is disgusting to some people but that’s not it.

The fluid actually comes from her genitals when she is extremely aroused.

To men, it’s a drastic boost of an ego to drive a woman insane, so she feels embarrassed that she’s horny.

In order to make a woman squirt perfectly and induce an extreme orgasm, you need to know how many types of orgasms are actually there.

squirting orgasm1. Clitoral Orgasm:

Upon stimulation of the clitoris, women tend to masturbate and excite that particular point so vigorously that they cum.

Clitoral orgasm can be given orally if you know the right techniques.

2. Vaginal Orgasm:

This brings an extra jelly to the game, comes from the deep of the vagina from the G-Spot.

This orgasm can affect throughout her body which makes her shiver, and feel numb with an uncontrollable excitement.

Multiple vaginal orgasms can happen if you linger your time in bed by doing some useful methods such as foreplay and then get back to the intercourse part.

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How to make a woman squirt- Some useful methods

Some useful methods you need to keep in mind when you are down to make a woman squirt, HARDLY!

1. Lube Up!

Water based lubes are the best choice for fingering and other foreplay techniques since it doesn’t cause any chemical reactions down there.

Lube like grape seed oil is beneficial for both clitoral and vaginal orgasms, mostly used for the stimulation of the clitoris with the fingers.

You also need to sanitize your hand, cut your nails, and apply some moisturizer for smoothness.

2. Rubbing/ Stroking

Once you locate the G-Spot which is about 1-2 inch deep in the vagina, put your finger (one) inside and go up until you touch the front wall.

Now, your fingers are touching the G-Spot which is an essential part, stroke it backward and forward in your own firm way.

This will bring a feeling of joy on her face in seconds and you will notice that. Once you build a momentum, insert two fingers (your index and middle one) and speed up for some time.

The look on her face will tell you if she likes it or wants it faster/harder. Act Accordingly!

3. Overdrive

This is the phase when your both fingers are inside, now you need to be beside her and allow your palm rest on her clit.

When it is fixed, start rubbing and stroking it along with your fingers ballooning the G-Spot with pleasure. This is where you will get your climax, keep doing it harder, so she will try to nail you ski grab a sheet or some pillow.

Speed up more with a firm grasp so your fingers won’t slip out of her. The vagina will expand in size when you are doing the correct job.

And Voila! If you have done everything perfectly, within 15-20 minutes she will squirt all over your bed sheet.

If you feel her vagina tightening up, you should know you have done a great job! Your fingers will be covered by her love juice, which is not pee at all but came from her vagina!

The more she cum means she had been intensified just PERFECTLY!

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Additional Tips

Some foreplay techniques like kissing, smooching can further elongate the process which in some cases women desires to have.

foreplay tips and ideasUse some high-quality water lube, without lube you can still do the thing but it’s not recommended.

Normally a woman squirts quite faster when you apply the techniques mentioned above, however, if you both are young and new to this, it might take some seconds to minutes.

Take your time, don’t rush it. You can’t rush the best things in life. Simple.

Get some extra sheets in case if she gets wet a lot.

Having a clean environment around is normally good for this practice.

Fancy colors or furniture such as painting sometimes deviates the attention.

So it should be neat, clean and simple.


Making a woman squirt is not so much hard as it sounds, and it doesn’t require you to see the porn also.

There are some basic techniques by which you can satisfy a woman of any race with an effective rate of orgasm fluid.

Some people judge the level of performance can be judged by the amount of fluid she discharged. Well, that isn’t completely wrong, but if she had a large intake of water that can also be the cause.

For men, the hardest part is to locate the clitoris and the G-Spot, we hope that the useful methods can save your dignity in bed and your overall relationship.