Male Extra VS VigRX Plus

Are you lacking the self confidence in bed? Are you unhappy with your sexual performance? If your answer is in YES, then this review is just right for you.

Most of the men these days are facing the failure in marriages and love relationships due to their inability of pleasing their partner.

Though, there are number of factors that can become major hurdle in your low sexual performance, but anxiety and stressful conditions are among the top enemies that would not let you enjoying your intimate moments with your loved one.

Most of the men find it appropriate to start searching for options like male enhancement products to regain their lost confidence.

However, there are so many options available and all male enhancement products cannot be catered equally.

The male enhancement products have different set of ingredients that is a major factor impacting on their effectiveness. Before choosing any male enhancement product, it is better to search properly about its efficacy and formulation.

To keep your work easier, we are here comparing the two male enhancement products, Male Extra and VigRX Plus, which are currently ruling the market because of their great male enhancement results.

Check the comparative review and choose the best one for you.

Male Extra:

Male Extra is an effective formula for male enhancement that comes in a supplement form.

The powerful formula is based on all natural ingredients in right combination and quantities.

The formula of Male Extra will help men who are suffering from low erection issues or lack of stamina during intimacy.

Unlike other male enhancement products, Male Extra comes with no side effects, as it is fully natural.

Male Extra comes with a money back guarantee so you can use it without having the fear of losing your money.

According to researches, Male Extra is an amazing formula with effective results.

As per users’ feedback, Male Extra can help you gain from 1 to 2 inches at maximum.

VigrRX Plus:

It is considered as the 100% natural male enhancement product available in the market.

The formulation of VigRX Plus relies totally on a powerful blend of botanical extracts to improve sexual performance greatly.

VigRX Plus has backed up with great customer reviews and testimonials because of delivery great improvement in the ability of maintaining an erection and making their sexual experiences more pleasurable than ever.

VigRX Plus increases blood flow to the penis that plays an important role during erection.

The formula is effective for erectile dysfunction and is absolutely safe to use due to its natural ingredients. Also, VigRX Plus comes with a money back guarantee, which makes it an absolute risk-free purchase.

The product efficiency of VigRX Plus is also backed up by clinical studies. With the use of VigRX Plus, you will be able to gain between 2 to 4 inches in penis length.

In short, we can assume that VigRX Plus is an effective and harder formula as compared to Male Extra.


The ingredient list and combinations in VigRX Plus are more impressive than of Male Extra. Let’s have a look at them:

Male Extra:

Following are the ingredient list of Male Extra:

  • MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane): It is helpful in the treatment of osteoarthritis and bladder problems.
  • L-Arginine: It is an important amino acid that produces nitric oxide to enhance blood flow towards penis, thus leading to harder and stronger erections.
  • Creatine: It is an organic acid that supplies energy to the cells in the body. It helps in enhancing muscle mass and is primarily used by body builders.
  • Cordyceps: It has been used as an aphrodisiac since centuries.
  • Zinc: It helps in producing healthy sperm and correcting nutritional imbalances.

VigRX Plus:

All the ingredients of VigRX plus are natural. The formula is enriched with potent extracts and compounds listed below:

  • Bioperine: Black pepper extract, which helps in fast absorption of nutrients while boosting the metabolism.
  • Damiana: This extract has been used as an aphrodisiac from centuries to improve sexual activity by stimulating the libido. It also helps in correcting sexual dysfunction in males suffering from diabetes.
  • Epimedium Leaf Extract: It contains a compound Icariin, which helps in increasing nitric oxide levels to relax the penis tissues and improving sexual activity. It helps in making your erections stronger and long-lasting.
  • Gingko Biloba: It helps in enhancing sexual function, sexual desire, improving sexual performance and stamina. It also helps in treating erectile dysfunction and anxiety.
  • Red Ginseng: This plant extract is a popular human sexual activity enhancer which is used to treat erectile dysfunction.
  • Saw Palmettoberry: It is a natural aphrodisiac which is used to treat men with an enlarged prostate. It helps in smoothing muscles and increasing the blood flow towards penis.
  • Muira Pauma Bark Extract: It helps in combating male impotence by enhancing sexual drive and treating erectile dysfunction.
  • Catuaba Bark Extract: It is a natural libido enhances and gives you harder and long-lasting erections with boosted energy.


Male Extra VS VigRX Plus :A Quick Comparison

  Male Extra VigRX Plus
Ingredients All Natural All Natural
Efficacy Good Best
Money Back Guarantee 90 Days 67 Days
Side Effects NO NO
Price per bottle(Annual supply) $38.24 $40.83


Keeping in view the formulation and ingredients in each product, we can clearly say that VigRX Plus is an obvious winner.

Both the formulas contain natural ingredients that help in male enhancement in the safest way. Both the products are free from side effects because of their natural formulations.

Both the products are backed up b clinical trials and scientific studies. Both, Male Extra and VigRX plus are affordable and reasonably priced considering their solid advantages and natural formulation.

Both the products hold the positive point of having money back guarantee, which will definitely instill your faith in these male enhancement supplements.

However, VigRX Plus is clearly a better choice than Male Extra, because in spite of all its advantages Male Extra doesn’t directly contribute to penis enhancement.

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