How Do PornStars Last So Long?

As a layman, we always fantasize about the pornstars and pornography which is being watched by a massive number these days.

One common which every normal man asks, how do they last longer during sex?

How Do Pornstars Last So Long

Male porn stars are notorious about their long lasting and wild sexual intercourse and bid penis size, which every normal individual can only dream about.

As a matter of fact, not every porn star uses any sort of medication to stay long last but there are some regular guys who use different sort of techniques to overcome their early ejaculation.

This is absolutely an art which requires so much of stamina to stop the leakage which most men cannot resist.

Let’s find out their basic techniques which they have been hiding.

1. Start-Stop Method

This is the most primary technique to stop you from jerk off. The technique lies in forming an okay sign from your thumb and middle finger, then squeezing your penis below the glans.

To some women doing this technique can be aggravating because you don’t know if she was about to cum and you certainly pull out!

2. Squeezing Technique

The urethra is a penis tube that located at the bottom of your penis. The technique is to apply very little pressure on it to stop you from cumming.

Masturbation is the best squeezing technique in which you constantly apply pressure on your penis tube. The squeezing mode can only be activated when you are about to cum, not except that.

3. Edging Technique

The technique works very great, but it also requires a lot of practice. The main purpose of edging technique is to stimulate yourself sexually and prolong it.

The stages of arousal are from 1-10, at stage 1 you are very little aroused while at stage 10 you are some seconds away from ejaculation.

What Edging technique teaches you is to linger on the stage 6-7, men who masters this technique can prolong their sex times up to 30-40 minutes with an intense feeling of pleasure.

It is preferable if you first perform it alone, “edging training” is the common word for that.

4. Kegel Exercise

At the beginning, this exercise technique was used by women only to tighten up their vaginas. But in reality, men also can perform this exercise to make their penis mass enhanced and tougher.

Doing Kegel exercise regularly can help you control over your ejaculation while having sexual intercourse.

Standard Kegel exercise comprises the following steps which are squeezing, holding for some seconds, release and repeat.

3 sets of 10 numbers of repetitions are recommended by MayoClinic experts by which an ideal tightness of your penis muscle will be achieved, this exercise is beneficial for men who are suffering from premature ejaculation or even erectile dysfunction.

5. Sex Positions

There are good types of sex positions and bad types. Good sex positions will allow you to take full charge on your ejaculation time and you can cum anytime you want while bad sex positions are those where you get stimulated to quickly and cums instantly.

Missionary position considered as bad sex positions because during this your penis muscles get hypersensitive and stimulated that you get discharged in only 1-2 minutes.

On the other hand, cowgirl or reverse cowgirl, in which the girl is on top can prolong sex duration.

If you have watched porn videos you might have noticed that it mostly begins with the girl on top and at the time of climax they switch to the missionary position.

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Some tips from PornStars to last longer

Masturbating Before Sex

1. Pee before sex

This is a very simple technique to prevent premature ejaculation, but most men forget this part.

It is mandatory to release stress from your penis muscles which can be very well done by urinating before sex.

When your penis muscles are relaxed you are more prone to last longer and sustain your sexual intercourse without getting discharged.

2. Stroking your mouth’s roof by using tongue

This technique is done by the professionals, but if you are strong mentally you can do it as well. It simply tells you to divert your attention during sex by stroking the roof of your mouth.

The intense sensation in your genitals will be diminished for a short while, buying you some more time so you can stay for longer than you expected.

Manuel Ferrera revealed in his interview that he uses his tongue more often to get a firm grasp over the stimulated area.

3. Masturbation

Masturbation before sex helps you desensitize yourself by which you do not get much of the excitement while filming.

Pornstars who masturbate before the sex scenes last longer because their genital muscles are numb at the same time.

This technique is quite famous even amongst the normal individuals who perform sexual intercourse on a daily basis.

4. Distraction

Distraction plays a key role when it comes to lasting longer during sex. All porn stars do this technique by distracting their attention towards the furniture of the room instead of the hot woman they are banging.

Anticipating unsexy thoughts is another type of distraction that helps you to get out of the moment, but this doesn’t mean you lose your sexual urge.

5. Premature Ejaculation Pills

There so many varieties of premature ejaculation pills available in the health market which maintains your equilibrium during sex and guarantee a long lasting sex.

Pill such as MaleExtra, Semenax, Volume pills especially VigRX Plus is right now being used for the same purpose.

These pills serves you many functions such as increasing the volume of your semen, giving you control over your ejaculation and release dopamine in your brain which is a hormone responsible for elevating mood.

These pills are used by many porn stars right before starting a sex scene.

Physicians also prescribed the premature ejaculating pills or the supplements made from the herbal source as mentioned above.

6. Changing your pumping pace

Bringing change in your thrust from quick to slow can enhance your ejaculation period. Pornstars when they are likely to explode hold still until they recover the control.

Sometimes it is appreciated by most women if men use the sexy sense of humor to divert the attention or to alter the position.

This will create a better understanding with your partner as well as giving you a pleasurable experience.

Not just rhythm, but if you are more creative about your insertion techniques such as going not too deep or just an insertion of the tip of the penis, you will have a greater control on your jerk off.

7. Being Physically Fit and Active

Exercise and bodybuilding can increase the level of Testosterone in your body which is best for the healthier sexual life.

When the level of testosterone drops in your body, you are likely to suffer from premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and even depression.

In the case of low level of testosterone consult with your physician so he can prescribe you Testosterone boosting medications to get you back to the game.

Porn Stars stays for longer in sex because their body is physically healthy and have an optimum level of Testosterone. If you are devoid of this particular hormone, you are more Susceptible to last for seconds.

Foods to last longer

Many porn stars have revealed their diet plan which they use to enhance their sexual activeness and semen quality which is directly linked to last longer.

Best Pornstars Diet

Some foods that can improve your sexual performance are

  1. Steak- This is porn star’s most favorite food which helps them increase their endurance level. According to them eating steak three times a week increase the level of Dopamine in their body which is an also known as a hormone of happiness.
  2. Nuts- Nuts, especially walnuts have a noticeable amount of libido enhancing fats, which are also good for better sexual performance and endurance level.
  3. Celery- Celery is also used in many salads which are known for enhancing sexual power. Eating celery daily will enhance your masculine traits that make you sexier and appealing to the women.
  4. Protein- Diet with the high amount of protein such as omega-3 fatty acids are excellent for staying longer in sex. Also, they enhance the libido remarkably.
  5. Fruits- Fruits like watermelon, pomegranate, avocado, banana, apple, and pineapple are the natural foods that help your body for lasting longer.

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Some other useful tools to stay longer

Delay Creams

Sometimes even a great porn star is susceptible to early ejaculation, so in order to get rid of it, they use delay creams.

The delay cream simply desensitizes your penis cells for a particular time where your muscles are totally numb with no stimulation.

This cream is used by the people in a continuous help against premature ejaculation.

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There is a wide range of delay creams which are available on the internet, but the best ones are those which have natural ingredients involved.

Delay Gel

Delay Gel works like Delay creams and is available at a very affordable price from any drug store, some best delay gels are available online by the name of ProSolution Gel which is a combination of some powerful natural ingredients.

Porn Stars uses delay gel on the sensitive parts of the penis which helps them to stay for long. They are fast acting and can be of great help to treat premature ejaculation.

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Final Conclusion

Being a normal person, you cannot compare your sexual performance with a porn star’s because they use too many clips to make a single movie.

 Improve Sexual Performance

However, their given tips and techniques can be of great help if you wish to stay longer in sex.

The techniques and methods which we have mentioned above can make you able to last long 10-15 minutes, which is an adequate amount of time for most men and women.