Speech to Text Software Vs Human Transcription Services – Which is More Secure?

People and businesses today use online transactions and material (written and recorded). It is vital to ensure that materials, especially sensitive ones, remain safe and secure.

Many service providers are conducting business online. Some do it out of necessity. Some are adapting to current situations. Most transcription and language services providers usually operate virtually.

Transcription services  

Broadly, there are two types of transcription services, human transcription, and automatic speech recognition software or text to speech software.

Text to speech software still needs human intervention. Right now, the web delivers real-time content in various forms, from live video streaming to VoIP, to video conferencing. Access to the material for real-time visual and audio content requires the use of equivalent, synchronized options.  

The alternative to visual content is audio descriptions, which describe the visual content via audio, which is on a different track.

An alternative to an audio description is synchronized captions, meaning all the audible parts of the multimedia content should have captions, which can be achieved by using live captioning software to convert audio information into text in real-time. The text captions should be synchronized with the audio.  

Real-time speech to text generation may use stenography, which can be expensive because it needs an expert stenographer. Software converts the phonemes to words with the proper spelling. The accuracy level is high, but it still needs proofreading.

The other option is voice recognition, which involves two methods using computer systems and artificial intelligence (AI).

  • Shadow speaker. This person listens to the live discussion and then repeats all the spoken content using a microphone. A specialized voice recognition software interprets the speech into text. The software can do customization and text correction.
  • Automated voice recognition. Many media and streaming technologies provide this. However, variations in audio quality, variance in the speakers’ voices, and background noise levels can affect the accuracy of the speech to text transcription.

Data security

For human transcriptions, you should look for a provider with ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 accreditation and a secure website. The company should use SSL encrypted portals. You have to check how the transcription service provider stores and shares data by checking their privacy policy.

One thing you should consider is that you may be hiring an offshore human transcription service provider in some cases. Even if they are willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), you have to ensure that your data remains in territories where they follow privacy laws and pursue violators. Therefore, you must look for a provider in a country where the ethical business standards are high.  

For automated transcription services, knowing their security measures can be harder to determine.

In response to the question of whether speech to text software is more secure than human transcription services, the answer is that both services can be secure when the provider has ISO accreditation, NDAs and, if they are from Europe, GDPR and ISO accreditation ensure that providers are proficient in information security management and data encryption.

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