Want To Understand the Headphone Specifications Correctly

Selecting the headphones might vary according to the purpose, you can find many different specifications, attributes, and advanced technology, even if you realize about the specification still you will not be able to differentiate and only it will be possible in practice. The frequent problems are distorted sound, volume issues, or device problems. Earphones are also transducers but with no headband. 

Headphone specification:

Open and closed headphones:

There are different types of headphones like open and closed back headphones, the closed back headphones can isolate sound, and sound is all about the air pressure, if there is no free movement of air it can affect the reliability of the sound. Larger headphones with bigger ear cups can deliver more isolation when compared with the smaller one. Open headphones will not block all the noise allows audio to be heard out.


One of the key factors to look at is the frequency range that the headphones can deliver, the greater the frequency the more accurate sound it can create. Frequency is based on the range of bass, mids, and treble. Humans can hear about 20 to 20000 Hz, this is accepted as the audible frequency range which is the standard range for most of the headphones. The frequency should not go below or above which can affect the human hearing process. If there is a plus/minus deviation this indicates the sound deviation, it is always better when the number is lower.

Impedance and ohms:

A thicker wire can produce less resistance, therefore the speaker or the headphones are made with thicker wire, which only needs less power to drive. If the wire is thicker means it will be heavier which will be difficult to move the speaker less freely, this can affect the reproduction of the system. Headphones with thinner wire can move easily and it will not require so much power. We can say that lower impedance less than 100 ohms, needs only less power to drive. If the headphone is not working properly then you need repair it with the help of experts and start using it to get a great music experience. 

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